News from the Socialist Party
News from The Socialist 10 July
Features socialist news and socialist policies, with Marxist analysis, socialist campaigns, anti-war campaigns, support for workers\' struggles, Socialist Books and more.
Private Hands Off Our Education
Schools need a massive increase in public spending to allow more staff and smaller class sizes and good quality resources.
Union Leaders Facing The Wrong Way On Labour
SPECULATION AT the top of the Labour Party about how long Blair can last has focussed attention on the succession. Union leaders who have argued for staying in the Labour Party have argued that now is the time for \'one last heave\' to reclaim the Labour Party and get rid of Blair.
Fight For Your Rights At Work
ARE YOU a young worker fed up with low pay, bullying bosses, long hours and unsafe working conditions? International Socialist Resistance (ISR) is launching a campaign against low pay and exploitation of young workers.
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