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NUT School Reps

Dear Colleague


The NUT headquarters and the Union branch has today written to LEAs and chairs of governors in Voluntary Aided schools to announce that NUT members will be on strike on Thursday March 14th.

As you know the purpose of the strike is to protest against the low level of the London Allowances and thereby to draw attention to the serious teacher shortages faced by very many schools in the London Area.

The strike call affects not only NUT members who voted in the ballot, but also any one who has joined the NUT before the day of the strike action. We are experiencing a surge of people joining the NUT.

Members of other unions, whether teachers or helpers will also be told by their unions not to take on any work normally done by an NUT member on that day – this would include play time supervision, taking registers etc.

In these circumstances many headteachers will take a professional decision to close the school for the day on health and safety grounds. The NUT would offer support to all headteachers who take this decision – you should encourage them to take this decision.

Other things to do before the strike action are:

• Ask members in your school to make a banner or placard, for your school group to march behind.

• Ask members to give out our leaflet to parents (one copy included – available in bulk from Monday).

• Ask non-members to join the NUT by ringing 0845 300 1669.

• Make sure that members know about the march and rally on the day of the strike. A STRIKE DAY IS NOT A DAY FOR STAYING IN BED!

• Ask for volunteers for people to attend the lobby of parliament on the afternoon of the strike.

On the day of the strike:

• Arrange a place to meet members from your school. We recommend meeting outside the school between 8 and 9.

• Come in a group to the start of the demonstration at Lincoln’s Inn Fields from 10am

Good luck and lets make the most out of this day of action.

Yours sincerely,

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